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Toyota Collision Parts Position Statements Regarding Collision Repair

Brought to you by  Insurance Consumer Advocate Network

Toyota vehicle factory warranties transfer when repairs are completed with new Toyota Genuine Parts. The use of used salvage and/or imitation/counterfeit parts is not covered by the Toyota transferable limited warranty on such parts and all adjoining parts and systems which are caused to fail or rust by those parts.

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., is an environmentally-conscious corporate citizen. We understand the merits of recycling and promote them. Additionally, we are concerned about our customers and maintaining Toyota vehicle image, value, functional and safety systems, and transferable factory warranties. Since Toyota does not warrant used salvage parts, we want to make sure customers are aware of the consequences of having used salvage parts installed on their vehicles. At this time, we believe there are no systems or processes in place to regulate the quality of used salvage parts in the market. Therefore, we are concerned about improper use of used salvage parts, i.e., wrong application as well as the use of damaged materials.

Due to the critical nature of the Supplemental Restraint Systems, also known as air bags, Toyota does not support the use of any used or imitation parts for repair. Only new Toyota Genuine parts should be used in repairs.
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