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Terms and Conditions for Sponsorship

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It is acknowledged that Insurance Consumer Advocate Network, LLC, herein after referred to as "I-CAN" (1085 S. Red Cedar Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802 / 417-831-6133 Office) is the owner and operator of an Internet Web site identified as Said Web site is designed to be a Nationally Accessible and Locally Relevant source of information for Insurance Consumers.

Web site visitors are able to access Self-Help Text (published with permission of J.D.Howard ) on the negotiation and settlement of Auto, HomeOwner and/or Personal Injury Claims.

The I-CAN Web site is a means by which visiting consumers may identify "Local Help Advocates" that could provide assistance in resolving issues related to Auto, HomeOwner and/or Commercial Insurance contracts. Sponsor affirms they are properly licensed and insured. Sponsor further affirms they will remain properly licensed and insured throughout the term of this agreement.

Sponsor understands that I-CAN will be publishing Sponsor's contact information on their Web site where it can be easily accessed by visiting consumers.

Sponsor acknowledges it is the intent of I-CAN to list only the most dedicated professionals on our Web site. As such, Sponsor acknowledges that I-CAN may (at the option of I-CAN) abrogate this agreement and refund sponsorship fees (pro-rata) if Consumer Complaints to I-CAN (and the subsequent investigation of those complaints) reveal a pattern of conduct which I-CAN chooses not to endorse.

Sponsor has the right to abrogate this agreement, at any time, and receive a pro-rata refund of sponsorship fees less a per listing re-programming fee.

Sponsor's Published Listing(s) will be Linked to Sponsor's own existing or future Web Page or Web Site and/or pre-addressed E-mail template at the option of Sponsor. Changes in listings and/or links will be done at no charge as requested within six (6) months of inception of this agreement. Later changes will be subject to a re-programming fee.


In addition to the Promises set forth above, I-CAN pledges to:

This agreement shall take effect on the date Sponsors' Listing is Published to the I-CAN web site and shall be perpetual until either party gives written notice to the other of intent to Abrogate this Agreement.

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