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Auto Insurance Claims
Consumer Bulletin

For the past several years, Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, Progressive, State Farm and several other insurance companies have been unfairly limiting the amount they would pay to their policyholders involved in auto insurance claims. Insurance companies have engaged in unfair (and sometimes fraudulent) claims practices in order to cheat consumers out of Billions of Dollars.

In October, 1999, a jury found State Farm Insurance Company Guilty of Fraud for having forced consumers to accept inferior (After-Market) body parts in the repair of their vehicles. This verdict happened because One Consumer refused to be abused . . . and Others Testified as witnesses.

If any auto insurance company has "Encouraged" you toward or away from a particular body shop <> or has promoted the use of After-Market body parts in repairing your car <> or has refused to pay for the Diminished Value of your repaired car <> or has tried to settle your Total Loss claim for less than your car was actually worth . . . we want to hear your story.

Listed below are links for Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, Progressive, State Farm and All Other Auto Insurance companies. Prompt the link that applies to your situation. Use the story submission form that appears next to tell us about your experiences. If you are willing to speak directly with us . . . please include your phone number . . . and prompt the I am willing to be a witness option.
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