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Insurance Consumer Advocate Network
Web Site Records 1,000,000th "Hit"

Tempe, AZ 02/26/2001 - The Insurance Consumer Advocate Network was founded in 1994 to be an Insurance Consumer Advocacy effort local to Arizona. In 1996, "I-Can" began developing their InterNet web site designed to Empower Consumers Nationwide !

On September 30, 1999 a Web Trends[R] program was installed. On February 14, 2001 that program recorded its 1,000,000th "Hit". The web site can be found on the InterNet at www.iCan2000.com.

I-Can believes Informed Consumers will Avoid insurance related problems or Deal More Effectively with them as they arise. That's why the FAQs section of the I-Can web site deals with both Coverage and Claims related issues.

Networking with other Informed Consumers and Consumer Advocate Service Providers has a multiplied effect greater than the sum of individual efforts. Therein lies the Power and Effectiveness of the I-Can Mission.

Mission Statement . . .

To Increase Consumer Awareness as to their rights, duties and options defined in an insurance policy contract And make Consumers Aware of any corporate - legislative - investigative - regulatory - or litigation efforts that may impact Insurance Consumers

To Encourage Consumer Involvement in any effort that would defend or refine the rights of Insurance Consumers.

To Facilitate Consumer Contact with Superior Service Providers - Media Professionals - Elected Officials - Regulatory Agencies and Companion Efforts that would benefit Insurance Consumers.

What We Do . . .

Provide Assistance to Consumers, Media Professionals, Sponsors, Affiliates, Legislators and Related Investigative / Advocacy Efforts.

Connect all of the above to our National - Regional - Local - Support Networks.

Collect / Catalog Consumer Input received through our "Survey" and "Stories" web site links.

Maintain A Library of Insurance / Claims related Internal Documents.

Monitor Congress and the Legislatures of ALL 50 STATES to Track Bills and Regulations that may impact Insurance Consumers.

Send Newsletters to our Subscriber List of Consumers, Legislators and Media Professionals to Increase Awareness and Encourage Consumer Involvement.

Issue Press Releases addressing any misleading propaganda promulgated by insurance "Spin Doctors".

Why We Do It . . .

I-Can is more than an acronym for our business name, it is a philosophy. We do what we do because it needs to be done and, through the InterNet, we Can do it !

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