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Insurance Consumer Advocate Network
. . . an Update and Outlook !

Tempe, AZ 06/04/2001 - Four months ago, when we made a commitment to put out Weekly Press Releases, we did so not knowing whether we would have enough to share that would keep our subscribers coming back each week. As it turns out, that has not been a problem.

What with State Farm losing the appeal of their $1 Billion Consumer Fraud Judgement, Allstate buying a chain of body shops, Allstate trying to hire a thief to burglarize one of their own insured's homes, Farmers returning to the use of Aftermarket parts, a court ordering that insureds in Georgia be paid for the Diminished Value of their repaired vehicles, Country Companies settling a Consumer Fraud suit for $6.3 Million and withdrawing from CAPA, a body shop in Illinois being awarded a $24.3 Million judgement against State Farm for steering work away from their facility and small victories being won in legislatures around the country, we've had no trouble finding subjects to write about.

This week however, we reflect on our past growth and look forward to the Next Six Months.

Hit Count . . .

As of this past week, the I-Can web site has recorded in excess of 1.3 Million Hits from over 200,000 unique visitors. We publish our Hit Count stats right on our web site.

Sponsors . . .

As many applicants have come to learn, we are not a write-the-check / get-your-listing type of a web site. We are very careful about referring our Consumer visitors to Best-of-the-Best service providers. We only approve about 1 out of 10 Sponsorship Applications received. With that in mind, it is worthy of note that we have just past the 100 Sponsors milestone.

Press Releases . . .

We Do Not "Spam" our Press Releases. They are sent only to those who have chosen to Subscribe. We are pleased that over 100 outlets have now chosen to subscribe to our Press Releases. We are even more pleased to see a growing number of these Press Release Email addresses related to mainstream Print and Broadcast Media web sites. Some Legislators have now begun to "Subscribe" to our Press Releases. At least once a week we are being called upon by some media outlet to provide a Consumers' viewpoint of a current insurance related event.

Support I-Can . . .

Consumers, unlisted service providers and companion Consumer Advocacy Efforts have expressed their support of our efforts by making financial "Donations" through the "Support I-Can" link on our Home Page.

Volunteers . . .

In order to become effective in getting true Consumer Protection Legislation passed in the various state legislatures we need . . [1] Legislators that are aware of the issues . . [2] Local contacts to whom media and legislators can turn for accurate information on Locally Relevant insurance issues, and . . [3] Grass Roots Support! Our "Volunteers Welcome" link enables those who believe in our mission to become local information contacts and action coordinators.

Lobbying Efforts . . .

A harsh reality of the political process demands at least a minimal presence at a state legislature when an Insurance Consumer Protection bill may be pending. We are pleased to have a professional Legislative Liaison Representative (Mike Causey) carrying the I-Can Banner in North Carolina. That's where some success was realized during this past legislative session. We are entertaining similar relationships in other states.

Brochures and Binders . . .

From time-to-time a Consumer has the opportunity to spend some time in a Sponsor's waiting area. That would be an excellent time to increase their awareness on vital issues. I-Can has developed a Branded Binder designed to hold our Press Releases for some on-site Consumer Education and a Bi-fold Brochure Consumers can take with them. Contact I-Can for more information.

Goals for the Next Six Months . . .

Add Lemon Law - Fraud / FAQs text to the web site that links to state Lemon Law Statutes. Then identify and recruit the best local Lemon Law - Fraud attorneys to join our I-Can network.

Import our 8,000 + Consumer E-mail Addresses into a data-base that will enable us to send Monthly News Letters to Consumers throughout the country.

Put Print Ads in Local and Nationally Circulated Publications that will invite greater visitation by Consumers.

Recruit I-Can Representatives to help us screen potential Sponsors and help coordinate state-by-state political action activities.

Reach 10,000 Consumers each month with our News Letters and 200 Media Outlets each week with our Press Releases.


The Insurance Consumer Advocate Network is an InterNet based consumer advocacy effort designed to Increase Consumer Awareness as to Insurance Related Issues, Encourage Consumer Involvement with Insurance Related Efforts and Facilitate Consumer Contact with Pro-Consumer Entities.

The InterNet web site for the Insurance Consumer Advocate Network is www.iCan2000.com.

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