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Judge / Jury . . . NOT Fooled !
. . . Helloooo Legislators !

Tempe, AZ (02/02/00) - "Hello State Senator Gullible, my name is Beelzebub but you can call me 'Bob'. I am with the National Association for Insurance Industry Profits (NAIIP) and we fully understand the challenges of funding a reelection campaign. Is there somewhere we can speak in private?" . . .
[Or] . . .

"Hello Insurance Director, you know who I am and who I work for. We got you your job. We want to do something to policyholders in your state. Here are some changes we want to see made . . . Approve Them!"

Thus continues the insurance industry lobbying process ! ! !

We are the Insurance Consumer Advocate Network (I-Can). We are an On-line consumer advocacy effort. Our Web site can be found at http://www.ican2000.com. Our mission is to Increase Consumer Awareness ~ Encourage Consumer Involvement ~ and Facilitate Consumer Advocacy Efforts of others. We provide consumers with information they need to know to help them deal with auto insurance companies. We refer those consumers to advocates in their local area for follow-up help as may be needed. In turn, we ask consumers to share their stories with us as to how they were treated by specific insurance companies. The information we receive from consumers is then shared with others to help facilitate their separate consumer advocacy efforts.

Since State Farm Insurance Company was found Guilty of Fraud in October, 1999 (and fined in excess of $1.1 Billion) we have noticed a massive lobbying campaign to "Legalize" the Fraud that State Farm (and other major insurance companies) have been involved in for the past several years. This coordinated effort does not stop at state legislatures. It goes directly into state Departments of Insurance. Over the past few months, consumers in the majority of states have had their level of protection severely reduced when their state's Department of Insurance approved a new "Diminished Value Exclusion" endorsement.

"Bob" has even been so bold as to have gone public recently with Half-Truths, Innuendoes and Outright Lies. The "Great Deceiver" is hard at work. Legislators, now having been exposed to the Truth, are being told to "Look Yonder".

"Bob" is saying that After-Market Parts are guaranteed by insurance companies. This is a Half Truth! These inferior parts are actually warranted by the captive (DRP) body shops who have to replace the parts when consumers realize their cars have been trashed. The repair shops have to absorb these costs in order to continue receiving work from their "Partner" insurance company. When insurance companies have testified under oath, they admitted their warranty is "Secondary" and they have never actually paid Anything under this supposed warranty. Gotcha "Bob".

"Bob" says "CAPA Certified" After-Market Parts go through "Rigid certification standards of the Certified After-Market Parts Association". The term "Rigid" makes that statement an outright Lie! Every part produced by these Taiwan manufacturers receives a "CAPA Certified" label, quality notwithstanding. It is only after a groundswell of evidence demonstrates the inferiority of a part that CAPA decertifies that part. Gotcha "Bob".

"Bob" threatens that auto insurance premiums will have to increase if "Bob" does not get what he wants. In point of fact, the insurance industry's own professional actuaries / auditors have already gone public with the fact that the industry is 30% over-reserved. That means premiums could be reduced 30%, or claim settlements could increase 30%, or any combination thereof, and the industry's stability / profitability would remain at a safe and acceptable level. Gotcha "Bob".

Legislators and administrators are asked to consider this. All the witnesses For the insurance industry were under oath at the State Farm trial and twelve good men and true saw the truth. "Bob" is NOT under oath. Don't listen to his whisperings in your ear. His lies will be exposed.

The names of "Bob" and the NAIIP are fictitious and are used for example purposes only. Any similarity between these names and actual persons / organizations are purely coincidental.

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