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Information for Potential
Local Help Advocates

I-Can collageWelcome !    Here is where potential sponsors can access information and register as a Local Help Advocate.

By selecting one of the Service Provider titles listed below you will access a Registration Form for that category.

Within the Registration Form is a box listing the Terms and Conditions of becoming a Local Help Advocate.

Those Terms and Conditions can be printed separately from the Registration Form itself by prompting the printer image to the right of that text box.

Most of your questions should be answered by reviewing the Terms and Conditions as well as the Registration Form itself. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our office (contact options noted below).

• Some Sponsorships Limited to One per ONE MILLION population ...
• Low Annual Cost means a Positive Return from the Very First Client Referral ...
• Use the "WHO IS" feature on "Google" to Verify our Ranking & Stability ...
• Negotiable Terms & Conditions for Ten or More Listings ...
• Verify Our Average Daily "Hit Count" ... (click on image at left)

As of January 2010, our Email data base of Consumers and Media Contacts will begin receiving our Monthly News Letters designed to ...

Increase Consumer Awareness as to their Rights and Obligations ...
Encourage Consumer Involvement on insurance issues ...
Facilitate Consumer Contact with our Sponsors.

We welcome ANY questions, comments or suggestions you may have. You may Email us or reach us Off-line at . . .

Insurance Consumer Advocate Network, LLC
1085 South Red Cedar Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802
417-831-6133 (Office)
417-832-1949 (Fax)

Agent / Broker  •  Attorney  •  Auto Damage Appraiser  •  Body Shop
Contractor  •  Dealership  •  Glass Shop  •  Health Care Provider
Mechanical Service  •  Public Adjuster  •  Trim Shop  •  Rent-A-Car Service

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