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Auto Glass

Auto glass - especially Windshields - have long since ceased to be the function of simply providing a barrier against the elements. The evolution of unibody construction has come to rely heavily upon windshields as a critical component of passenger safety.

In the event of a vehicle roll-over, a properly installed quality windshield will help prevent the collapse of the vehicle roof into the passenger compartment.

In the event of a frontal impact, a properly installed quality windshield will be the barrier against which a passenger’s air bag will deploy to protect a front seat passenger. Failure of the windshield to perform properly could result in a “Blow-out” allowing any unsecured passenger to be ejected from the vehicle.

Windshield “Fit” (a quality product) and “Adhesion” (a proper installation) are essential to maintaining the overall integrity of the Passenger Safety Cage.

Many insurers, in their pursuit of greater profits, have suborned the practice of “Short-cuts” in the cost of materials and the process of installation. Such efforts at enhancing an insurer’s “Bottom line” have lead (and will continue to lead) to un-necessary death and injury. We believe such extraordinary efforts at cost-containment present an unacceptable hazard to public safety.

All of the points brought out here (and more) were presented to the general public by ABC News 20/20 in their documentary aired on February 25, 2000. Click Here to view that report on ABC News’ web site.

Auto Glass - - A Critical Safety Issue - - Quality Products and Proper Installation are Essential !