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Insurance Consumer Advocate Network, LLC, Schools - Business & Vocational, Springfield, MO
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The Insurance Consumer Advocate Network (“I-Can”) was formed in 1994 by a retired adjuster (J. D. Howard) as a Consumer Advocacy Effort local to Arizona. In 1996, this Web Site was developed to Empower Consumers Nationwide.

Auto Insurance
Coverage FAQS
Auto Insurance
Claims FAQS
Diminished Value
Claims FAQS
Home Insurance
Coverage FAQS
Home Insurance
Claims FAQS
Home Insurance
Claims Help !
Personal Injury
Claims FAQS
Personal Injury
Claims Help !

Our Mission . . .
      - Increase Consumer Awareness as to their Rights & Options
      - Facilitate Consumer Contact with Local Service Providers
      - Create a Grass Roots Network of Consumer Volunteers
      - Promote the “Policyholders’ Bill of Rights”
Position Statements . . .
      - After Market Body Parts
      - Auto Glass
      - Diminished Value
      - Premium Rate Controls
      - Steering
      - Tort Reform

Forty Years of Consumer Abuse cause some to see things as they are and ask Why
- - - We Dream Things That Never Were and ask Why Not ?

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