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News Media Articles -
Required Reading

Following is a clickable list of a few news media articles. These articles expose how Insurance Companies abuse consumers when claims are submitted . . . How Insurance Companies ignore state Departments of Insurance . . . How Insurance Companies control State Legislators . . . and How some Insurance Companies even encourage their own employees to break the law.

Our National Network of Consumer Advocates are monitoring the news media for additional articles. This indexed list will be updated on a regular basis.

Finally . . . Consumers are Being Heard and the Truth is getting out.

Index of Clickable Links:

ABC News - After Market (immitation) Crash Parts
ABC News - Allstate . . . In Good Hands ?
ABC News - FBI Raids Allstate . . . Northridge Fraud
ABC News - 20/20 feature . . . unSafe Windshields
ABRN - Anti-Steering Bill introduced in Nebraska
Associated Press - Judge Finds State Farm Guilty of Fraud
Atlanta Journal Constitution - Insurers must pay Diminished Value to policyholders !
BankRate.com - Insurance Claims Tips . . . Your Right to Colllect for . . .
Beyond Parts & Equipment - Link to Recommended Reading . . . Intra-industry Articles
Boston Herald - After-Market Crash Parts
CBS News - Rebuilt Wrecks | Deadly Road Hazard !
CBS News - Insurers Encourage | Endorse | Support Fraud !
CBS News - 60 Minutes - UNUM Provident Cheats Policyholders
Collision Insight - Congress Considers New Auto Insurance Legislation
Consumer Insurance Guide - Suits against Insurance Companies alleging Fraud
Consumer Reports - After-Market Crash Parts ("Shoddy Parts")
Consumer Reports - 01/2002 - WRECKS IN DISGUISE !
Detroit Herald-Dispatch - Weakening Insurance Laws Would Only Hurt Consumers
Edmonds.com - How to Shop for Insurance
Fortune Magazine - Allstate tells their Agents to break insurance laws - 01/1995
FuelLine.com - Allstate Buys Sterling's Chain of Body Shops - Plans More
FuelLine.com - Georgia Department of Insurance Rejects "DV" Exclusion
FuelLine.com - State Farm Notice to Georgia Policyholders . . .
Huffington Post - Claim Payment Delays ... Proven Profitable !
Insure.com - Uninsured Motorist - Property Damage Coverage
Insure.com - A Look Inside the DRP (Direct Referral Program) System
Insure.com - Allstate sued over alleged Diminished Value fraud
Insure.com - Nationwide Insurance Caught in "Low-Balling" Scheme
Insure.com - Public Adjusters Level the Playing Field
Katrina Lawsuits Begin - Nationwide Denied Wind Damage - Blamed ALL on "Flood"
Kiplinger's Magazine - State Farm abuses own policyholder
Lawyers & Settlements.com - Insurance Claims Tips and Insights . . .
Los Angeles Times - Judge Rebukes Insurer - Orders Insurer to "Obey the Law"
Los Angeles Times - "Total Loss" vehicles - How Values are Figured !
Los Angeles Times - Insurers want to keep Quackenbush "Agreements"
MSNBC.com - Toxic Mold Devastates Homeowners
NBC Date Line - State Farm's "Paper Chase" - Legitimate Claims Denied !
New Jersey News - New Jersey Limits Doctors' Fees for Auto Insurers
New Jersey Star-Ledger - State Farm to Leave New Jersey
New Jersey Star-Ledger - AIG . . . 2nd Car Insurer to Leave New Jersey
New Jersey Star-Ledger - USAA Overcharges Premiums - Refunds Ordered
New York Times - Insurance Companies Buy Tort Reform in Texas
Reuters Wire Service - Shopping for Auto Insurance
Salt Lake Tribune - State Farm Denies Bad Faith / Wrongful Termination
Seattle Post - Reporter - Farmers Seeks to Silence 2 ex-Adjusters
Smart Money Magazine - 10 Things Your Insurance Company Won't Tell You
Taipei Times - Radioactive Rods found in Taiwanese Scrap Metal
Triangle Business Journal - Insurance Companies ignore Department of Insurance
WOWT - Channel 6 - Nebraska - On Your Side - "Steering" Allegations - Know Your Rights !
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